Psychedelic delights that will melt your brain. For bookings, contact


Howard By Thy Name is an eclectic fusion of music and mind-bending visuals, over 30 years in the making.

Laird Howard Ashley Storey (Triumph 2000, Ringo’s High) is an artist who has been writing/performing songs, making videos and creating art installations in the US and UK over the last three decades.  His work has appeared across the world, and Howard Be Thy Name is his most ambitious collaboration to date.

Lee Isserow (EyeZero, ABAM) is a multi-award winning British filmmaker. Despite having worked across Europe and the US on everything from television and music videos to commercials and feature films, this is his first collaboration with an artist.


For bookings and inquiries, please contact   HowardBeThyName.333 [at]



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    My name is Mark Barker and I am a UK events and features writer for US music based internet magazine, SynthesisDigital. I am also a freelance music writer and photographer and have had articles printed in the following magazines: RWD, SlackerSounds, RetailRodeo, GraceLiverpool, Mono Music, Little Bird, M8, Show Mercy, Fleeing from pigeons, Alive, Slut, Dummy, NME, The Guardian, FACT, Vice, Faith, Mule, DEFCON, Get Back, Pixzine, One week to live, TVS, Channel fly, Traffic, Rhythmrag, High Voltage, DXN, Mofo, Unquietdesperation, PPS, Kruger, Time for heros, Factory, Arthur, Gagged Anarchist, Hobnail Press, FAB Liverpool, NowtSpecialZine, DolceVita, Stool Pigeon and Shortlist. I am currently compiling a book of my favourite 100 concerts to be hopefully printed later this year.

    Events and bands I have recently featured include Glastonbury Festival, The Big Chill, WOMAD, Muse, Clipse, Herbie Hancock, DJ Shadow and The Warehouse Project to name a few.

    I would be very interested in reviewing, Howard, when he plays live in Liverpool, on September 11th, to be featured and distributed in my reviews. I would be grateful if you could get back to me as soon as possible to let me know if a review/ photography are feasible.

    Peace, Mark.

    For any other information or to check some previous reviews check out the links below.

    September 9, 2010 at 4:07 pm

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